What if you were ten years old and someone let it slip that you were going blind? What if after that, the subject was simply ignored? No conversations about the future, no preparation, no guidance. Nothing.


My book, tentatively titled, Brave the Night, is about a young man in rural Kentucky trying to find his way as the world fades from sight. In my youth, rock n roll and delinquency provided an outlet for teenage angst. Later, I used travel, social causes, and drugs for the purpose of escapism and avoidance. But inevitably, reality arrived one day, and after losing the most important things in my life, I decided reclamation was essential.

I became a mental health counselor, treating myself in route to a career I could maintain despite my failing vision. I began to explore, continuing my travels with a white cane in hand and looking inward for strength I had long ignored. My book is full of humor and intense emotion, characters and stories I process through the lens of a mental health professional. I evaluate the steps that led to my infected mind, and the consequences of that diseased state; then, use my white cane to find purpose and belonging in the dark.

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